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  1. Jennifer Chehab says:

    Pastor Lankford,

    I have been trying to leave you a voice mail, but the box is full. Do you perform weddings?

  2. Mickie Presley (used to be Mickie Bishop) says:

    Jeff and Cheryl, writing to let you know I have finally found my way back to the Lord. After the church split . I loss my faith for several years , but I am happy to say recently I have regained my faith in a big way! Am living in Alabama now attending a Baptist Church that just went through a tremendous split just a year before I moved here. Say hello to Denise and Steve for me. May the Lord bless and keep you. Hold tight to your faith.

  3. Gina Wood says:

    I have alot of medical issues and I need prayers. I need a safe place to live. I had a apartment in Dickson but lost it due to having to spend months in Vanderbilt and NHC nursing home. I have a service dog named Serenity. I did alot of Urban Ministry in Memphis and I was also a licensed drug and alcohol counselor there before my health failed. I need alot of prayers. I have very little furniture. My current living situation is unsanitary for my health. I don’t know what to do. I have always helped others and my Faith in God is strong. I have Gastroparesis, Autonomic Nerve Failure, Seizures, neurogenic bladder and other help problems. I’m on Disability I have always been independent but I’m at a loss now. I prayed to God for what I should do so I’m reaching out. My phone number is 931-334-3134. I have a Facebook page Gina’s story living with Gastroparesis. My service dog has one too Serenity Wood. Thank u

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