George Muller


George Muller (also spelled George Mueller) lived during the early to late 1800’s.  Born in Prussia, he spent most of his life in England.  His life is well known primarily for his work in starting and running orphanages for the children of Bristol.  During his time in England, orphaned children were a major social problem, though there was little attention given by the society at large to the situation.  Muller’s story is noteworthy for his social concern for the children, but has had the lasting impact upon the Christian world for a deeper reason still.  His method of operation for the orphanages was simply to pray and trust the Lord to provide despite the fact that little to no money ever was on hand and ready for the daily needs of the orphanages.  Throughout the years of his ministry, Muller’s faith was tested and rewarded by often repeated intervention and provision from the hand of God.

The following books are good resources for the study of Muller’s life:

  1. George Muller of Bristol, Arthur T Pierson.  Available for sale at amazon ($12.21, hardcover) or for free electronic download at googlebooks in .pdf format.

  2. Autobiography:  This work has various editions and titles and comes in multiple parts.  One version of it can be downloaded for free at googlebooks in .pdf format.  Another can be found for reading at  This site also has the printed version available for sale, but it is a little expensive, though it comes in two very nice cloth volumes and includes some of his sermons as well.  If you are looking to purchase it in full form (500-700+ pages) the full title of the work is A Narrative of Some of the Lord’s Dealings with George Muller, and it is to be found in as many as six parts.  It can be found online at various sites if you search for it, though I don’t know of many that have it in regular supply.  There is a popular abridged version that is available for a more reasonable size and length of read for many people.  It is only 240 pages and is available at amazon ($8.99, softcover).

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