John G. Paton

John G. Paton was a missionary the islands of the New Hebrides in the South Pacific Ocean. He worked for many years among the native cannibals of these islands. His life story influenced many young people to devote their lives to missions and aroused much public interest in the missionary work taking place in the New Hebrides. Here are some resources of interest for you.

John G Paton: Missionary to the New Hebrides: This is an influential autobiography which is the main resource for his life. It is enthralling reading both for the content (full of faith and adventure) and the spirituaity of the author. It is written in an engaging style.

Margaret Paton: Letters From The South Sea: This is intended as a companion volume to the autobiography. It is a collection of letters written by Paton’s wife from the islands.

Cannibal Island: The Story of John G Paton, Winifred M Pearce.: This is an excellent short biography of Paton suitable for children to read. His story is such that it is very interesting even in a very short presentation.

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  1. Apostle Philip Torboe says:

    Are you are descendant of Missionary Rev Dr John G Paton? If u are please make conduct with me. I am from the New Hebrides [now Vanuatu] and I do admire Rev Dr John G Paton, and named my first born son, Paton after that wonderful and loved missionary to the people of Vanuatu.

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