Thou hast the words of eternal Life

May 13, 2011

John 6:68 ‘Thou hast the words of eternal life.”

How can a man face death without God? Has man no fear of death? Is man so sure of himself that there is no fear or concern? Is he in a hardened, deceived state?

Is he truly unconcerned? Does he not seek to convince himself that he is ready to die? Does not his pride drive him to compare himself with others in a favorable light? Does he not proclaim his own righteousness in order to shore up his soul? Is he not whistling in the dark to feign courage?

The “world” or eternity is in his heart (Ecclesiastes 3:11). God has put it there. There is deep within everyman the knowledge of God (Romans 1:19,20) This is the reality in spite of his attempts to suppress it (Romans 1:18).

The question is how shall we get men to face the truth? We cannot coerce them. Even God, the Holy Spirit, does not override their will.

We warn them, plead with them, preach to them, love them, be gentle towards them, do good to them as Jesus did. Some will continue to mock, others will go away to think about it, but some will believe (Acts 17:32-34).

In all of this w must rely upon the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. God’s Word is a piercing sword, the hammer that breaks the hard rock, and a light that illuminates men’s hearts and the truth so that men will have to face their need and the gospel.

They then will either receive it or reject it. God has ordained the response is theirs.

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  1. Marian Rude says:

    Dear Pastor Jeffrey…I’ve just returned from Africa yesterday where my life was changed by meeting your precious daughter Amy & wonderful son-in-law Aaron as well as the Glaro people in Freetown. They both took such great care of me and my 2 traveling companions Brad and Guy Burkhead. Guy and his wife might be moving there next year to assist them in reaching these villagers with the gospel. This was a vision trip for us and one that I will cherish for life. I would like to support your daughter and Aaron so please let me know the best way to do so. God truly is doing a mighty work in Freetown, Lyberia through the selfless sacrifice that you and your family as well as Amy and Aaron have made.

    In Christ….Marian Rude (Canton, IL)

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