Robert Moffat

Robert Moffat was a missionary from Britain to Africa in the early 1800’s.  He worked many years among the interior tribes of Africa when European civilization had not yet reached that part of the world.  He was the father-in-law of the better known David Livingstone.  One of the great experiences of his missionary work was the privilege in his early years of working with the converted Afrikaner, former tyrant and scourge of Africa.  His conversion was so astounding that most who were familiar with him disbelieved it upon reports of it.  Numerous books have been written about Moffat’s life and travels in Africa, but it would seem that they mostly are engaged in detailing his many adventures and travels than capturing his spiritual life.  More of this insight will come through by reading Moffat’s own accounts.


Missionary Labors and Scenes in Southern Africa, Robert Moffat.   This work is Moffat’s account of missionary efforts in Southern Africa, which is not limited to his own experiences.  There is much of history and civilization of the African peoples and the work of various missionaries among them in this book.  It is perhaps best in conjuction with another book specifically devoted to the life of Moffat himself.  It is difficult to find in print form, but can be downloaded in electronic copy from

Robert Moffat, (Heroes of the Cross), J. C. Western-Holt.  This small book makes an excellent resource for childrens’ reading.  It is part of the Heroes of the Cross series that is designed for young readers.

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