Henry Martyn

A number of works are available on the subject of the life of Henry Martyn. He was a missionary to India and other eastern areas, such as Persia. His life has been considered by many to be an inspiration to a holier life. The following are some of the resources that may be of interest to you.

Books: The Life and Letters of Henry Martyn, John Sargent
:This is the standard work for the life of Henry
Martyn. It is in at least its tenth edition, and has had
a large reading audience for some time now.  It is excellent for devotional reading

They Were Pilgrims, Marcus L. Loane
:This work is a collection of the stories of the lives of
four great Christian men, all of whom died at a
young age (around the age of 30), but yet had a
profound influence in their time. Henry Martyn is one
of the four considered in the book. This would likely
be a somewhat more easily read work than Sargent’s.

Journal and Letters of the Rev. Henry Martyn
, Henry Martyn
:This work is designed to be a supplement to Sargent’s
work in many ways, providing access to the journal
and letters of Martyn that were not made available by
that standard work.

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