Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor was one of the pioneering missionaries to China in the 1800’s.  He founded the China Inland Mission.  The following resources are suggested for reading.

1.      Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret, Howard and Geraldine Taylor:  This is the standard basic biography of J. Hudson   
         Taylor.  It was written by his son and daugher-in-law.

2.     Hudson Taylor Biography, 2 volumes, Howard and Geraldine Taylor:  This two volume set is the much larger version 
        of Taylor’s life, written, as above, by his son and daughter-in-law.  It is a much more extensive treatment of Taylor’s 
        life for those interested in a more thorough study.  At the time of this posting, the two volumes are available new at for a reasonable price.

3.     Intimacy With Jesus, Hudson Taylor:  This is a short work written by Taylor himself.  It is a commentary of sorts
        (though far from technical) on the Song of Solomon.  As Taylor is known for his personal spirituality, it is interesting
        to have his own words and thoughts on such a subject as communion with Christ.  This books also is currently
        available new at


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    I want to translate the book, “Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual secret” into Thadou- kuki language. Kindly send the book along with your permission for translation.

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